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Wealth Alchemists

The financial boutique specialized in mergers & acquisition (M&A).
It also operates in the areas of corporate finance, private equity,
consultancy services, data science and marketing.

Knowledge that transcends

Where we build your visions

Where dreams transmute into prosperity. Harnessing the power of financial knowledge, strategy, and innovation, we empower enterprises and individuals to transform their financial aspirations into tangible wealth. Our Wealth Partners are a catalyst for change, guiding you through the alchemical journey of turning ambition into abundance. Join us on the path to prosperity, where every dream is a stepping stone toward a brighter, wealthier future.


equity deals closed


debt funding closed

We offer a unique experience and the best service, aligning
ourselves with your objectives to achieve success together.

Our fields of expertise

We combine the expertise of an international team with deep knowledge in finance, acquisition, data processing and KPO services.

WA Capital

Private Equity, M&A, Financial Consultancy and Venture Capital

Wealth Management

Investment services to address the needs of our affluent clients

Wealth Agency

Integral marketing & knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services
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